Marina Gutierrez
Marina Gutierrez - Casita 3 - detail Albizu's eyes
mixed materials
7' x 6' x 6'
“Casita 3” is a floating Caribbean style country house constructed in improbable materials that recall the synaesthesia of dreams. Transparent corrugated fiberglass replaces a tin roof. The walls, reminiscent of mosquito netting, are formed by coated “cheese cloth” mesh with collage of iconic images- historical and commercial, and a rear wall embedded with hair and bark fibers.
One enters below a transom, traditionally wooden filigree, here replicated in sheet aluminum. Occupying the room's center, stands a small rustic table patterned with metal fruits recycled from 'tin' cans.
“Casita 3" is a shelter for nostalgia, appropriated memory and desire.
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