Marina Gutierrez
Marina Gutierrez - Room for Recollection
Galvanized steel mesh, aluminum, wood and found materials
8' x 8' x 8'
Room for Recollection is part of a series of habits & inhabitations.
It is a Bohio, the pre-conquest Taino dwelling here updated in industrial materials.
Galvanized steel mesh forms a Roof and 6 rectangular Wall boxes approximating Taino architecture. Within each wall an 8" cube contains a memory object corresponding to the aluminum imagery in the wall interior below - a dried palm leaf/aluminum palm frond, dollar bills/ stalks of aluminum sugar cane, a furnished doll house/ aluminum plantains, barbed wire/ tropical aluminum leaves, a worn family photo in an island countryside/ an aluminum banana plant, a screen mask/ an aluminum banana leaf.
The visitor can inhabit the room.
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