Marina Gutierrez
Marina Gutierrez
DrawingWater 1- a little pool, 2012

Marina Gutierrez
DrawingWater 2- simply threw me, 2012

Marina Gutierrez
DrawingWater 3 - free of guns, 2012

Marina Gutierrez
DrawingWater 4- Pat's Coney Island, 2013

Marina Gutierrez
DrawingWater 5- African diaspora, 2013

Drawing Water SurveyBoatMobile traveling studio at Picnic pointVisiting Governors Island & the BoatMobile BoatMobile travels gathering narrativeCruising for narrativesGovernors Island open studiosBoatMobile traveling the IslandBoatMobile travels collecting narrativesDrawingWater - fetching buckets of harbor/salt waterPrecipitating Images with iron & copper in salt waterPrecipitating Images with iron & copper in trays of salt waterGovernors Island studio & visitorOpen Studio visits
Drawing Water ~ Governors Island LMCC studio residency

- Boat/Mobile - moveable work table expands studio to entire Island

- Survey - A page of questions on memory of and relationship to water
- A page of symbols from histories, products and cultures
exchanged across oceans

- Cruise Island for narrative collection from public. A survey in exchange for original
signed artwork (a rubbing of a survey symbol)

- Fabricate Response in copper or ferrous silhouettes, map templates and
choreograph compositions incorporating narrative fragments

- Draw Water - Fetch buckets of salt water from harbor to fill trays.
Submerge paper with copper and ferrous elements to oxidize and precipitate images.